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At the Museum, 301 Traverse Street (on corner of Pine Street)


June 7th, 2018 (Thursday) - 7:00 p.m.

"Another Take on WWII: The Stars go to War"

                                                     Dan Packer
With the advent of the second world war it seemed that everyone in America were getting involved in the war effort. Some joined the military, some started working in war related industries, some volunteered as nurses and even the kids became involved in collecting metal and rubber items for the war effort. Everyone was getting involved including the big name movie star's in Hollywood, or Hollywood would like you to believe they did.

In fact many lead male stars were shielded from actual fighting at the front by the major studios who owned their contracts. The actors were studio property and the studios in many cases intervened at the highest levels to make sure no harm came to their stars even if the stars enlisted in the military and requested to go fight overseas. You may be surprised as to who willingly submitted to the studios and the few that defied them.

Who were the real heroes? The stars on the silver screen who acted as fighting hero's or those actors who took the long hard road to the actual fighting front? They will be identified and scrutinized in "Another Take on WWII; The Stars go to War."  Dan will also discuss the role of female actors and what they contributed to the war effort. On the lighter side you will see some early photographs of budding actors who were to become the big stars of the future all the way into the 1990's.
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