Alex McVicar
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Alex McVicar's story is not very well documented compared to that of Amos Wood. It seems likely that they arrived together; walking here from Grand Rapids with A. S. Wadsworth but Amos doesn't mention him in "Biographical History of Northern Michigan" until later. Lydia McLaughlin wrote that when she arrived with her family in November 1851, only two families were her, those of Amos Wood and Alexander McVicar.

James J. McLaughlin says in "The Traverse Region" that McVicar took his family to Round Lake (Skegemog) to work for a man named Wells lumbering there with a pair of oxen. A note in this source says that in the summer of 1852 McLaughlin went south to bring back a pair of oxen and a cow and that shortly after this Alexander McVicar came from Canada bringing his father's family.

Anne J. McVicar Brand's obituary says that she came to Elk Rapids in August 1852, fixing a date to when Alex returned to Elk Rapids with his father, mother and siblings.

We know that Amos served as a chain man on Abram's survey party in 1853 and sometime after this he and Alexander took passage on a sailboat to Chicago for pay and worked on a trading vessel on the Grand River.

One of the reasons we know so little about Alexander McVicar and his wife, Charlotte, is that, despite their significance as pioneers, the Elk Rapids Progress took little notice of their deaths in 1889 and 1883 respectively.

Alexander and Charlotte had 12 children. After Charlotte died, Alexander married Sarah Ann (Griffin) Santose and had two more.

The family tree as we know it today is as follows:

  • John McVicar b. 4-23-1796, d. 9-16-1878
  • Mary A. Westbury b. 8-2-1800, d. 7-25-1881
  • Ann J. McVicar b. 10-25-1837,d. 1-25-1903
  • James P. Brand b. 1826, d. 1905
  • Elizabeth McVicar b. ca. 1841
  • David Parks
  • Alexander G. McVicar b. ca. 1830, d. 2-9-1889
  • Charlotte _____ b. ca. 1831, d. 2-8-1883
  • Mary F. McVicar b. ca. 1850
  • George William McV. b. ca. 1853
  • Clara Filer b. ca. 1861
  • Almon Crory McV. b. 3-15-1886
  • Earl McVicar
  • Zell McVicar
  • Armenia J. McVicar b. ca. 1854
  • Josephine McVicar b. ca 1855
  • Edwin Ruthven Elliott
  • Unnamed child b.(& d.?)9-9-1884
  • Simon McVicar b. ca. 1856
  • Susan McVicar b. ca. 1857
  • William I. Osborne b. 1850, d. 1916
  • Annie Elizabeth McV. b. ca. 1859, d. 1920
  • Joseph Beaver Allison b. 1848, d. 1911
  • Cara Josephine b. 11-19-1875
  • Francis Harrison b. 4-8-1878
  • John Alexander b. 9-22-1883
  • Ela Long
  • Maggie b. ca. 1886
  • Walter Van Lewen
  • John b. ca. 1861
  • Jane Luella b. 1868, d. 2-27-1905
  • Daniel Filer b. 1859, d. 8-8-1935
  • Verne Samuel b. 5-10-1889
  • Lulu b. 4-12-1895
  • Nellie b. 3-26-1898
  • Jennie S. b. 3-16-1868
  • Jessie M. b. 5-21-1870, d. 9-19-1877
  • Nettie b. ca. 1872
  • Harry Palmer
  • Florencew b. 7-23-1892
  • Clarence b. 8-19-1895
  • Sarah Ann (Griffin) Santose b. ca. 1837
  • Pearl b. 6-11-1886
  • Alexander b. 1-23-1889