Online programs are presented on a weekly basis with minimal exceptions in conjunction with the Historical Society of Michigan.

 HISTORY HOUNDS Lecture Series is livestreamed by the Historical Society of Michigan for members of the Elk Rapids Area Historical Society.
                 History Hounds Lecture Series
Online Registration Instruction For
Elk Rapids Area Historical Society Members
Effective 1/23/2023 

How to register online:

  1) Go to “Historical Society of Michigan” website – 

     2) Click on “Learn” at the top right of the screen.
     (It’s between the words, “Join and Read.”)

     3) Click on “Programs” in the drop-down menu that appears.

     4) Find: “History Hounds Lecture Series”

     5) Click on “Learn More” located just to the right of the
     History Hounds dog image.

     6) Click “Register Today” located just to the right of the
     History Hounds dog image.

     7) Indicate that you are “A member of an HSM member

     8) Type in Name of Organization of which you are a
     member exactly like this:
     Elk Rapids Area Historical Society.
     As you begin typing, the name of the organization should
     appear. If you see it in the pop-up list, select it. If you
     don’t see it, call the telephone number at bottom of this

     9) Fill out rest of form - scrolling down to fill in

10) Select the lecture(s) you want to attend

11) Indicate that you heard about History Hounds through
    “My local museum/historical organization”

12) Click “Submit”

You will receive an email confirmation and a second email with instructions for remote access. (Note: You may need to download the latest version of ZOOM if you are using ZOOM for the first time or have not used it recently.)

If You have Trouble Registering,
Call Dan LeBlond for Help:
(you may have to leave a voice message) 

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